In the Netherlands, professional laundries produce around two million kilograms of end-of-life textiles every year. Rejected textiles are often burned or partly given a second life as cleaning rags. Not very sustainable, we think. The cleaning rag often ends up on the rubbish heap after one-time use. That can be done better through high-quality, sustainable recycling.

Cooperation HeboVanDijk and Frankenhuis

As HeboVanDijk, we see it as our social duty that the textiles we supply also end up at the right address after their end-of-life. Where a high-quality recycling process is possible. In cooperation with Frankenhuis Textielrecycling in Almelo (NL), we guide our customers in the sustainable processing of their end-of-life textiles. Frankenhuis is a renowned company specialised in recycling various types of textile, such as post-consumer clothing, industrial clothing and industrial textiles (e.g. catering and care linen).

From cloth to yarn or paper

The discarded laundry textiles, mainly 100% white cotton or a mixture with at least 50% white cotton, are processed into fine fibres by Frankenhuis. By means of mechanical processing, it is first sorted, stripped of “dirt” such as labels, cut into strips and subsequently frayed to fine fibres. These fibres are then further broken down into a fine material. The end result is the pure raw material for a partner company, which uses a chemical treatment process to turn it into cellulose pulp. The pulp is dewatered, resulting in a cake that is used in a wet spinning mill to spin a strong viscose yarn or is used in the paper industry.

Total package sustainable recycling

Frankenhuis offers laundries a total package when it comes to recycling end-of-life textiles. All kinds of textiles can be offered to them for recycling: from bed linen to company clothing, from bath linen to jeans and from table linen to overalls. One address for the complete recycling issue for the laundry that values sustainability. Recycling to cleaning rags may yield more net per kilo, but it does not fit into a sustainable strategy. By choosing Frankenhuis, you make a statement with high-quality recycling! A sustainable process that is also in full development, with as goal; a circular chain!

Improve the sustainable footprint of your company

HeboVanDijk would like to help you on your way to recycling end-of-life textiles. We guide you through the process: which material and which composition is suitable for recycling? To what extent does it have to be delivered sorted, etc.? We think along with you in making smart choices when it comes to the composition and choice of materials for new textiles. In such a way that, besides the specific properties, an optimal product remains for a recycling process. In this way, your textile is sustainably reused and it also improves the CO2 footprint of your sustainable business operations!

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HeboVanDijk is certified for the ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards.



Especially for laundries HeboVanDijk provides the training "Basic Knowledge of Textiles".