HeboVanDijk has introduced industrial washable textiles made from recycled cotton for the hospitality industry and care institutions in the Benelux under the conditions of the sustainability label Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Recycled cotton is endorsed by various studies as the most sustainable form of cotton due to the fact that the high environmental impact caused by regular cotton cultivation does not apply.


For these sustainable textile articles we use the cutting waste that is released during the cutting and making up of t-shirts. This is therefore the waste stream of unused, new cotton (pre-consumer). Through mechanical recycling, this textile waste is reduced to loose cotton fibres. A percentage of polyester is then added for firmness, after which yarn is spun again.

CriteriaGlobal Recycled Standard (GRS)

The Global Recycled Standard is a certification for products made from recycled materials, such as recycled cotton, and is managed by Textile Exchange. The criteria for carrying the GRS label are as follows:

  • The article must contain at least 20% GRS-certified material and at least 50% in order to bear the GRS product label. HeboVanDijk offers a GRS terrycloth collection that consists of articles with no less than 80% recycled cotton. This is unique in the market!
  • The selling party has a valid certificate relating to the correct product category and is inspected annually by a certification body. The GRS certification of HeboVanDijk is checked every year by Control Union Certifications B.V.. HeboVanDijk is registered under certification number 829448.
  • On the GRS-Product label is the GRS logo with the percentage of GRS-certified material (if it is less than 95%) and the certification number with reference to the certification body.

Are you going for sustainable? choose sustainable textiles made from recycled cotton!

HeboVanDijk supplies various articles with the GRS quality mark, such as washing gloves, bath towels, cleaning towels, waffle towels, moltons, blankets and bibs made of recycled cotton. With these articles you contribute to a better living environment:

  • minimizing textile waste;
  • preventing the environmental impact of cotton cultivation, e.g. the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides and excessive consumption of water.

Qualitatively speaking, these articles made of recycled cotton are not inferior to the regular alternatives. The products are easy to wash industrially and come with a competitive price.

Do you want to know more about sustainable textiles?

HeboVanDijk is certified for the sustainability labels GRS, GOTS and OCS/OCS Blended. In addition, we supply bathwear that is produced under the Fairtrade Cotton conditions. Would you like to know more about sustainable textiles? Please visit our Sustainability page or contact our sales department.